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"The Elegant Out offers much wisdom, inspiration, self-reflection and love."

-Barbara Sapienza, author of Anchor Out

- Kate Maloney, PhD, Producer & Executive Producer of WeRiseUP The Movie


-Adventures in Literature

I lost myself in this story…"

-Kristen Moeller, author of What Are You Waiting For: Learn How to Rise to the Occasion of Your Life.

When her IUD expires, a muzzled storyteller, haunted by a traumatic event, must choose between having another baby and birthing the novel she’s always wanted to write. This infectious literary work, animated by Bartasius’ unflinching and lyrical style take readers on a journey to not only embrace life and laugh along the way, but also find the courage to face demons, take leaps, and reclaim their voice.

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"Reminiscent of Anne Lamott's works, The Elegant Out grapples with the glorious, messy intersection of real life and true art."

-Patricia Minger, author of Magic Flute


Beautifully told, this story of a woman at her fertility crossroads will resonate with many readers. Choosing between the long-term commitment of having a child and the joyous fulfillment of writing a novel feels like a downside of being a liberated woman, but working out the answer can lead to insights that expand the heart.”

-Jenni Ogden, author of A Drop in the Ocean

“The eloquence of the writing is palpable. Her words paint pictures.  I couldn’t get enough of it. Like a good cup of coffee that you want to savor.  More than that, The Elegant Out is a reminder we all have our hands around our own throats choking off our self-expression, and we all have the power to remove them, should we choose too. A beautiful written book by a brilliant writer.”

- Jennifer Coken, Author of When I Die, Take My Panties and Embrace the Ridiculousness




"The novel of the year that you WILL NOT be able to put down.”

–Abigail Skeans, Esq., cofounder of Pomona Society



“The Elegant Out is a true treasure―a story you will turn to time and again for inspiration, heart, and a good chuckle when you need it.”

—Monica Mehta, author of The Entrepreneurial Instinct

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“Elizabeth Bartasius’ wit will have you laughing out loud. Her gritty, steadfast prose offer comfort and understanding. Her heroine’s honest tone assures readers that they too do not have to apologize for unflattering, vulnerable, and painful missteps.”

-Jill Murphy Long, Author of Permission to Nap, Permission to Play, Permission to Party, The Conduit, and Skiing with God.



"Bartasius is refreshing to read as she doesn’t hold back her thoughts on how she’s feeling or experiencing various situations and a reader, like myself, can feel enlightened by how she struggles and eventually finds peace in her own decisions."

-Adventures in Literature



"I love the way Elizabeth writes. Abuse is a triggering topic but she delivers the story with such grace."

- Shelly Bell, Business Strategist & Entrepreneur of the Year, Technically DC



“Deep insights, enjoyable characters, a delightful unfolding of an intimate conversation.”

–Annie Rose Stathes, Social Justice Performance Artist at Be

Moving, absorbing, and honestly written. If the unexamined life isn't worth living, the examined life is worth writing about. While exploring the need for self-expression and the obstacles to achieving it, The Elegant Out offers a hard look at the choice between a second pregnancy and the writing life. An ode to creativity that combines psychological insight with the passionate pursuit of inspiration."

—Jessica Levine, author of Nothing Forgotten