I'm Elizabeth.


A writer, editor, &


committed to evolving ourselves through story.

I became a fiction writer in college when my journalism professor assigned the class to find a newsbeat on campus. Instead of tracking down real-life interviews, I lounged under a shade tree and invented characters. He praised my story in class the next day; I never confessed.

At my desk, I write fiction & non-fiction meant to engage and inspire you to live the life you want. I also ghostwrite and edit novels, memoirs, and transformational books for  entrepreneurs and authors.


They say I capture their individual personalities perfectly, am organized, "knows her sh*t" and is firm love in the process. I say they are incredibly daring and inspiring for being audacious, vulnerable writers telling their stories.

As an escape from the cold, I now spend much of my writing time on a Caribbean island with a loving husband and an array of insects. I travel often, in planes and inside my head.

The Elegant Out, my debut novel, placed as a finalist in the 2017 Faulkner–Wisdom Competition and is due out in April 2019.

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"I want to write a book,"

I repeated for many years.


The first thing someone tells me when they learn I’m an author-writer-editor-ghostwriter is: “I want to write a book.”


Of course, I get excited because I've been there myself, and I know the amazing transformational process it would be for them to follow through.


“What is your story?” I’ll ask. They tell me the nuances, the loss, the love. They often don’t see the plot points yet, but I do.

Then they ask the concern that is always underneath...

"Is my story good enough?"

I say, we all have a beautiful story. 


Your life journey is unique and what’s happened to you are gems, for better or worse. Words are your chisel. So please write away, because:

  • Yes, someone will be touched by your book.

  • Yes, it does take crafting the words for an entertaining read.

  • Yes, your book is not for everyone, but...

  • You will be changed, and

  • Your readers will be changed.

YES. Your story matters!

We all struggle with our stories and our worth.

Like yours, my own writing journey wasn't linear. 

It began as a five-year-old with a tennis racquet in hand.

Winning Wimbledon


I grew up on the tennis courts of Delray Beach, Florida, smashing forehands in Chris Evert-style; I too wanted to Win Wimbledon but somewhere along the way I decided I wasn’t good enough. Instead I read trashy romance novels in highschool physics class and thought, “ I can write as well as these authors.”

First Serve

Researching and Writing

At 22, I officially retired from tennis—it wasn’t a practical profession either—and spent the next 20 years, professionally contracted by entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, artists and indie authors to write millions of words for everything from press releases, corporate newsletters, bios, website content, copy writing, grant-writing for the underserved, book editing, and ghostwriting. The three personal manuscripts I’d tinkered with on the side remain buried.


Wooden Sign

Not too long ago, I was about to quit, for good, thinking maybe I just wasn’t cut out for being a novelist, maybe all my efforts were for naught. It didn’t feel like I was gaining momentum in my authoring attempts. So, on a drive down A1A to visit granny, I voice texted my closest confidants: “I think I’m done.” Five minutes later—I kid you not—I received word The Elegant Out placed as a finalist William Faulkner Writing Competition. Of course, I took that as a clear sign and pep talk.


Retro Singer

Though, I did  not win on center court at Wimbledon,  I won the metaphorical Wimbledon of "being good enough."


Press Coverage

But being practical was on the list of things I “should” be doing. Novel writing didn’t qualify, so I graduated with a Journalism degree by writing fake news stories. If you read the beginning of this page, you won’t be surprised when I say I never worked a single day for the media. Meanwhile, I completed in the Big 12 Tennis with the CU Buffs—sometimes I kicked ass, sometimes I tanked—and learned dynamics of women in a group.


Zen Stones

Still, I gained valuable professional skills, developed my intuitive sense. For bonus personal development, I used my writing to:

  • Purchase 13 houses in 12 months with no cash under the motto: “If you are broke, go buy a house.” (I might have helped the 2008 real estate crash.)

  • Survive Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Maria (2017)

  • Heal from trauma, depression and anxiety,

  • Rebuild a relationship with my son,

  • Yodel & Rap for Sean Astin and Elijah Woods at Mardi Gras ‘King’ dinner, and

  • Marry the love of my life.

There is No End to What  Good Writing Can Do.


Elegant Out Book Cover.png

Immediately, I got back to work, deciding that instead of waiting for other's validation, from now on I would validate myself. The Elegant Out debuts in April 2019, thanks to an incredible team of personal and professional support. But I, first had to give myself permission to be heard. 


No matter our narrative arcs, our stories are potent, powerful, and beautiful. Reclaim Your Voice.


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