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ELIZABETH BARTASIUS is the author of award-winning novel, The Elegant Out, praised by Kirkus Reviews as “…a riveting tale of maturing womanhood and an insightful peek into the creative process.” 


Lauded a ‘word colorist’ with a distinct lyrical style and unflinching strokes, she writes to explore the intersecting psychology of human connection, hardships, and the stories we tell ourselves to live.

Her awards include Winner of the 2020 International Book Awards (Book Cover, Fiction), Finalist of the 2020 International Book Awards (Novella, Fiction) and Finalist of the 2017 William Faulkner-William Creative Writing Competition for The Elegant Out.


Bartasius is a Story Grid Certified Editor and worked for over a decade with memoirists and non-fiction authors to cultivate their unique voice, develop influential stories, and share their transformative wisdom. In 1996, she graduated from CU-Boulder, School of Journalism. 


She lives in the Caribbean with her husband and island family.


After a long sabbatical, she’s back at her desk writing a rites of passage novel about a young girl who must question a secret she holds dear in order to find the love and belonging she seeks.


READ the Prologue of her current work-in-progress: The Word Keeper.


"We look to stories to break from the constructs of the day, to make sense of the world, to heal, wander, tweeze, play, strut, re-wild, evolve,  and rise boldy."

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