Here's How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

January 1, 2018




For the moment, I just wanted to acknowledge that we all face resistance. Usually the New Year is a time of great promise, but a week or a month or two in… BAM!…resistance knuckle-sandwiches us.


Which is why my circle and I don’t do resolutions, we do creation ideations session.


These are LIFE-CHANGING, and make for EXTRAORDINARY outcomes throughout the year (outcomes that definitely wouldn't have happened otherwise). I wouldn’t start my year without it.


With that, I invite you to write and create your NEW YEAR! 


To get you started, what is your word for the year?


If you’d like to dive deeper into making 2018 magic (like my friends and I always do, retreat-style, the first week in January) check out the fabulous Susannah Conway’s site and download her Unraveling the Year packet.

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