Passion & Big Frogs: 2 Simple Keys to Procrastination

June 4, 2017


I woke up to Resistance’s chokehold.

My neck ached.

My heart beat slower.

My mind spiraled into an “all is lost” moment.


I took a breath.

And remembered.

Those symptoms only occur when I’ve let Resistance win.

When I’ve gone too many days without tackling the “big frog” in the room.

When I’ve procrastinated with loads of laundry,

Ticking items that no one cares about off the to-do list,

And running out the clock with micro-puffing adjustments to the throw pillows on the couch.


I remembered when the heart is heavy there are two fixes:


1. Be sweet on myself.

2. Grab that frog.


So this morning, with little red-riding hood basket in hand, I went to market:

To calm the anxiety left over from dark night dreams.

To ground myself in the bounty of colors handpicked by local farmers.

To find a few pounds of passion.


With spirit renewed, I then got to work.

Words on paper.

Heart sings.

All is well, again.

What is the big frog you are avoiding?

How can you take even a small chunk out of it today?

How can you be sweet on yourself in the process?

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