I Didn't Write Today & I Liked It

August 1, 2016

I write in the mornings.

At least that is what I tell myself.

And writing is indeed what I plan to do each morning.


But this morning, American Express sent me an email notification of credit card fraud.

Kate called needing support.

Then, Letticia called to dialogue a dilemma.


So I didn’t write.

I didn’t honor my commitment.

I felt anxious.

Worried I was out of integrity.

That I wouldn’t write later.

That I wasn’t going to amount to anything if I couldn’t keep such a simple agreement.


The sidetrack was a gift, however.

I got to talk to friends

I connected to loved ones.

I contributed to their lives.

In turn, they contributed to mine.

Because of all this I got to live.


I didn't write today so I could experience life,

I didn't write today so I could experience love.

I didn't write today so I could experience connection.

They make the difference.

They feed the writing.


I see now it would be silly of me to stay so rigid in a schedule (or my own beliefs), that I forgo the reasons I write in the first place.



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