Happiness Triggers for a Hard Day

April 1, 2016


This past month was hard.*** Harder than I’d hoped. I went through a small bout of anxiety, which inevitably leads to a depression. The good news these days is that I no longer get “triggered” by the down mood. I see it for what it is, and I have the tools-tricks-wherewithall to manage the feelings and dig myself out, back into happiness.
On one of the hardest days, I read this beautiful post by Annie Rose Stathes, the author of the blog: Living a Liminal Life: Adventures in the Unknown.
She explores the concept of happiness triggers and so I set about listing mine. They include:

  • Cooking yummy food for my loves

  • Massages

  • Playing in the ocean

  • Walking the meditation labyrinth I built & lined with seashells

  • Walking the dog

  • Napping

  • Aloe facials

  • Redecorating

  • Working with wonderful clients

  • A good movie

  • Trips to the flea market

  • And journaling with colored markers (Which is how I created my Happiness Triggers list pictured in this post.)

What are your happiness triggers? How do you trigger your joy on purpose?

***This writing was originally published for the Empowered Women Circle newsletter. I published the work here as it fits into the evolution and creation of this site, and my most recent journey "on the way to the loo" & writing life.***

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What did you take away for yourself from this post?

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