• elizabeth bartasius

Let's Talk About Recalibration

Since being away on summer holiday, I've felt a platonic shift such that, upon returning home, I could no longer step back into the previous routines or schedules or rote ways of operation. I no longer fit in the life I had built, my body was no longer in tune to my surroundings. I bumped into chairs, banged my elbow on door frames, lost my way around the cupboards. I couldn’t remember where I kept things. It was like someone else lived here, and I couldn’t its former inhabitant.

While I had always loved our home, I couldn’t find the beauty; I no longer belonged. I found myself angry, frustrated and trapped. I tried for days to just “get over it,” but to no avail; the choice was to recalibrate or give up.

According to calibrate can be defined as “to determine the correct range for (artillery, gun, mortar, etc.) by observing where the fired projectile hits. As such, my body was set up to align one way, but now, I had to fire my missiles in a new direction.

We often make readjustments as we walk through life. I’ve taken enough self-development studies in the last two decades to skillfully course-correct. This time, however, a simple course correction seemed a placating pat on the back. My being begged for an overhaul.

So I’ve been at work the last two weeks. I've research endless websites and mind-mapped sticky notes on my boards. I’ve planned, plotted, devised, pursued ideas, kept those that rose to the top over and over and trashed the others…all while continuing to check in with my internal instruments and their measurements, establishing baselines, so I could accurately assess what this new body, mind and soul was after.

To result? I’ve felt good!! GREAT! Unleashed. To me there is nothing more freeing than to step away from constructs and to surrender to the invention process, simply following the ideas, no holds barred.

When the body is aligned, we know it. We feel it. When we aren’t, we don’t. Sure, our monkey minds (not to be confused w. the fabulous Monkey Muse. ;-)) have a lot of noisy input, concerns, doubts, cultural norms, agendas, and conventions that muddle our “knowing.” However, if we can surrender to the calling…let ourselves be called…and humor the calling by following the curiosities wherever they may lead, even temporarily, we may find the rabbit hole meanders into a wonderland. Thankfully, our bodies, in the process of recalibrating, begin to align. Our mind sharpens, our hearts improve, our soul balances and relaxes.

We can see clearly what belongs in our life and what we must bid farewell with love and gratitude for the role it has played in our glorious lives. And, make no mistake, our lives are glorious, no matter how fraught with instability, ickiness, and un-grace.

You never know what magic a recalibration can bring to you and your loved ones. I have measured who I am, what I want next, who I want with me, the life I want to experience, and the gifts I’d love to contribute to others. I'm opening up to magic; I'll have more of that please.

When our recalibration is complete, we must first clear the way for our new selves!

So begins the season of tidying up.

We shall start with the bookcase.

Share with me a time you recalibrated: What happened? Why did you do it? What did you learn? What miracles did you find?