• Elizabeth Bartasius

Last Trimester: Update on New Book Release

Eyes glossy from researching publishers, fulfillment, distribution, ISBNs, and metadata, I didn't want to write this blog post. Really, I'd rather shut down the laptop, take a hot shower, and head to Galangal for Tom Kha.

Yet, I'm itching to celebrate with you!

The final proofing of Elegant Out is done (thank you, Annie Rose); it's ready for submission. All week, I've worked to refine the synopsis, write several book blurbs, enhance my bio, begin mapping out the book launch, and nail the book down into 25 words or less so I can finally answer your question: 'What's the book about?'

A year ago, I would have said, "no way does any of that sound like fun." I was keen to print to PDF, send you all the link, and be free to start the next book.

Today, Elegant Out is begging to be in print and given a proper welcome into the world. And, I'm having a blast with the backend details.

Therefore, we (me, my monkey muse, and your energetic love & support) are sending Elegant Out to potential publishers and preparing for the year-long journey (a.k.a 'the last trimester') to print and release.

In the weeks and months coming, I will be begging for your "two cents" on a myriad of print and design choices. Some of you might even opt to become an early 'sneak peek" reader. If you haven't already, sign up here for Behind the Scenes perks.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with one powerful artist quote that drove the story of Elegant Out. Pressfield's advice stands as my vital reminder of how to perform in both art and in life:

"Remember, as artists we don’t know diddly, we’re winging it everyday. For us to try to second-guess our Muse the way a hack second-guesses his audience is condescension to heaven. It’s blasphemy and sacrilege. Instead let’s ask ourselves like that new mother: What do I feel growing inside me? Let me bring forth; if I can, for its own sake and not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing.”

- Steven Pressfield, The War of Art