• elizabeth bartasius

Stuffed! ~ 3 Tricks-of-the-Trade for When You Are Too Full to Create

Sometimes, I’m just too full to write.

Too overwhelmed by the to-do list,

Or things left unattended.

Sometimes I’ve overstuffed with meals or new experiences and stimuli.

Like a car with too much oil, sometimes I have to burn off the excess to run more smoothly.

Idea #1

This is where Julia Cameron’s morning pages come in handy.

Essentially, by handwriting all that is in your head onto the page, you get to take a big fabulous dump.

Then you are free to write.

Idea #2

Sometimes, however, you just need to GSD (Get Shit Done!).

Or clear away the clutter.

Then, you can write.

Today, I need to move, burn off the turkey, and catch up on chores:

  • Clean house

  • Respond to emails

  • Call Sara-Martha-Gina-Mary Beth-Keri-Mom

  • Pot plants

  • More emails

Idea #3

Sometimes, however, in order to create, we need to lie very still and digest.

If you are stuffed, consider this post your permission to nap.



P.S. Hope your Thanksgiving was stellar!