• Elizabeth Bartasius

Moving is Not Up for Grabs: How I get unstuck (Part 1)

Why Movement is Uber Important

Lately, I have noticed how Moving is non-negotiable.

Anatomically, we humans are built to move with feet, legs, knees and toes.

As I look around me, I see movement; it’s the constant in an ever-changing landscape.

We live in a Universe in motion.

Nothing is stagnant.

Not the ideas in my head.

Not the blood in my veins.

Not the molecules in my writing desk.

Not the ground I laid down on this morning during my meditation.

Face in the dirt, I watched minute little crawl-y things weave their way over specks of sand and tiny pebbles.

All are in motion.

When Things Get Sticky

So when I feel stuck, I know the ONLY thing there is to do is to MOVE.

Move my body with a 5 minute walk.

Move the stone on my meditation labyrinth.

Move my fingers over the keyboard.

Move the waste in my bowels. (Thus, a bowel movement, get it? :-)

Sometimes movement means getting up off the couch and changing locations to my reading nook.

Sometime movement takes me across the Atlantic ocean.

Sometimes movement is saying “Yes” to a dinner invitation, or the job I never thought I would ever take.

When I’m stuck writing, I rearrange the sticky notes of my board, to see a story line from a different angle.

  • Or I might change the font of a piece I’m working on.

  • Or I might start editing from the back to the front.

  • My favorite is grabbing a pen and paper to let the motion of cursive writing guide words onto the page. In those moments, I feel like a painter creating, for creation is the goal, and the reason I move at all in the first place.

When my body hurts, I move it:

  • A ten minute walk with the dog,

  • A jaunt to the end of the driveway and back,

  • Even just standing up at my desk and doing a quickie “Heads, knees and toes” song-and-dance.

When my mind is bored, I move it.

  • I call one vital contact.

  • I get advice and follow it.

  • I make lists of ‘what sounds like fun’, then pick one and do.

  • I start a project, big or small.

When my heart is heavy, I move it.

  • I choose a small thing to love or appreciate: the dog, my husband, a beautiful stone, the rogue iguana that shits by the side of the pool.

  • I meet with a therapist.

  • I cook dinner.

  • I invite a friend over.

When money is tight and I worry, I move.

  • I check account balances and rethink how I could make X & Y work.

  • Sometimes, I have to trick the accounting and ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’.

  • Sometimes, I use ‘smoke-and-mirrors’.

  • I pay a bill.

  • I take on a project.

I’ve tried a million other ways to get unstuck:















Netflix Binging

In the end, Intentional Action, is what it takes.

One act opens space for another.

And another.

And another.

Soon, we are speeding!

So what is next?

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