• Elizabeth Bartasius

Skinny Branches: Why I Dangle on the Edge

So, what’s up with the branch?

First let me tell you what it is not:

1. A dead limb from the harsh of winter

2. A stick for wife-beating, kid-beating, or any other kind of beating.

3. A plank, as in walking the plank to your death

4. A spatula

5. A really skinny sidewalk

The logo was originally used for a radio show I co-created called “Life on the Skinny Branches.” I found this logo image the other day cleaning out some digital files on my hard drive, and I was not only reminded of the fun my co-host and I had putting on the show, but also the vision behind the branch. Though my former partner and I no longer do the show, or use the term ‘skinny branches’ in daily chatter, we both in our own ways continue reminding ourselves to ‘life it’ out on them-there skinny branches.

The skinny branch is any place in life where you...

  • Dabble with the unknown.

  • Embark on an exhilarating journey.

  • Feel confronted.

  • Want to go (or anything you want to do) but are afraid.

  • Feel resistance (because resistance get its kicks from showing up when we dare to dream)

The feet represent me, or you, or anyone who dares to dangle and dance on the skinny branches of life.

For me, living on the skinny branches is like transitioning into a balancing yoga pose.

You will fumble.

You will fall.

You will be laughably un-graceful, un-poetic, un-together.

Like when I write a first draft of anything.

Still, despite being a messy blob, you and I will continue on with the yoga class or writing the book, or whatever it is we do.

We will then register for the next class, the next project, the next thing.

We will climb the next skinny branch and ease (or catapult) on out to the edges.

Again and again.

Because, no matter the scraps, it’s too much damn fun not to.



P.S. Where are you out on a limb?