• Elizabeth Bartasius

Tea: My top guest picks for talk over a morning cup

Recently, one favorite reader asked me, “If you could sit and have tea with any 3 people, living or dead, famous or ordinary, who would they be and what would you chat about?”

It’s hard to narrow the list down, as people are so interesting, but here’s a short lineup:

Great Grandmother Kabler: What was it like for her to leave her two children during the depression, so she could work to feed them?

Cat Stevens. Though, I probably wouldn’t talk to him; I’d just stare into his soulful, open eyes.

Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s the “it” girl with a lot of wonderful insights for a creative. Maybe I would ask her about how she feels to be divorcing from her Brazilian lover* and what the heck happened that she doesn’t feel they can go on? Is she suffering? Does she need a hug? Does she constantly have her phone open, posting on Twitter and Facebook? (*This was obviously written before LizG shared about falling in love with her BFF, Rayya.)

Children’s author, Kate DiCamillo. Why on earth does she continue to live where it’s so darn cold? And what does she do with her day after 6am when she’s finished her two pages of writing?

Queen Elizabeth I. She just seems like a total bad ass, and I do love English tea. What is it like ruling a country? Being a woman in a world where men are out to get you? Having a father that murders your mother? Having a sister that wants to lock you up and murder you?

Oprah. Because who wouldn’t want to talk to her? But I don’t want a “performance” Oprah; I’d want to actually know what makes her tick.

Diane Keaton. Now she would be fun to add to the mix. What’s it like being a 60-something mother of younglings? How does she keep up the energy levels?

Meryl Streep. I’d likely sit, gaping and in awe.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton. What motivated her to help with the women’s movement and secure the right for women to vote? What was it really like in her household, with her husband, and in her community? Besides the women’s movement, what did she and her friends discuss over tea? What would she think of our current-day rights?

Robert De Niro. Who wouldn’t want to chat with him? Seen the movie, Heat? Heelloo!

Nelson Mandela. I’ve heard he was just pure calm and wisdom. I’d love to just sit in his presence and see what questions bubble up.

But mostly, I think I would want to have tea with my close circle of women, like Shoshanna and Annie Rose, cause we’d talk intuition, journal with colored markers, solve some personal challenges, come up with a great idea or two, say the word ‘Fuck’ a lot, and laugh our asses off. I wouldn’t clean the house before they came (well, ok, I probably would, but I wouldn’t HAVE to.) And any topic is a go.