• Elizabeth Bartasius

When to Pivot: Embrace, Strut, and Rise

PAIN ***

Have you ever begun something (a project, a book, a business, a work of art, a recipe)? Then, somewhere in the middle, you find the project, idea, test run, isn’t what you expected?

You feel like you “should” continue because you said you would, because others expect you to. But, the possibilities don’t flow as you suspected. The timing is not right. To do the project well, you must invest more than you planned. Or, maybe Something is just off. You want to change direction, but, you linger, wondering…

• Am I just scared, deciding from fear?

• Should I just “buckle down” and “handle it?”

• What will others think?

After you’ve inquired over and over, gotten rid of the “shoulds,” fleshed out the brave bits from the not-brave bits, you know the answer.

Others may question you, not understand your choices. In turn, you may rethink; even go back to the drawing board.

Ultimately, though, you clearly know it’s time to press the “off” button.

You know it’s time to dismantle.

You know it’s a no-turning back decision.

You are even ok with that decision.


Have you been to this “decision” place before?

I know I have. Many times.

And that is where I am today. For the last few weeks, actually.

Something is off with the Empowered Women Circle (EWC). (UPDATE as off Sept 2016: Exciting changes in progress - stay tuned.)

I reached out to friends for dialogue, support, to show me ‘what I cannot see”, and finally, to give me permission to move forward (cause sometimes we just need a trusted friend to say 'it’s ok.')

My friend, brilliant as she is, said: “I not only grant you permission, but it's incredibly smart. The key to success is pivoting quickly!”


I can see now that pivoting can be like cleaning out closets, freeing time to focus on…

• that which will serve the highest good of all.

• that which will nourish, engage, and bring forward movement,

• that which will provide the flow and ease that comes when one is in the “goose bump” zone.

Frankly, the EWC is not in the zone, as much we love it, as much as we think it’s a good idea, as supportive as you all have been. This is why I am writing this letter to you today.


We are pivoting the Empowered Women Circle.

We could continue on for several more months, but why wait?

So, we are pivoting what we do and how we do it.

I can’t tell you today what the pivoting of EWC will look like; Sara and I have much to discuss.

But I wanted you to know we are indeed pivoting! And that pivot will be a glorious adventure…or else we ain’t doin’ it!!

Rest assured, though, you will still receive your Love Notes, uninterrupted! And your ecourse sessions (if you signed up for them).

We will keep you updated, so stay tuned.


We are pivoting for all the reasons I’ve described above.

And, we are pivoting for three other important reasons:

1: You

Seth Godin talks about the foggy mirror and how it’s far better to watch what your audience does, rather than continuing to look in even the best of mirrors. So, when it comes to you, oh dazzling goddesses, we are listening and watching.

2: Me

Mirrors are important when we want to access our own journey. I’m taking some time to access what I see in the mirror.

Pivoting is a constant, beautiful tool in our arsenal of self-discovery and adventure for our one, beautiful life. I use the pivot often. I love the pivot, as much as I resist it.

I will ‘try on’ this next ‘pivot’ and strut in front of the mirror to see how it fits.

3: Sara

That same brilliant friend I spoke of earlier also told me, “As a rocket ship goes up, it drops shit off the bottom to lighten its load.”

Our dear friend, Sara is skyrocketing, in the most beautiful way, in her own business and her own life. Let’s see what you can drop, Sara, to have you soar.

That goes for all of us. Let’s see what we can drop, so we can skyrocket!


In the meantime, check in with your own life. Are there any places that could use a good pivot?

If so, you have our complete permission!

No need to fear the pivot.

Empowered women (and men :-) pivot; it’s as simple as that.

Just embrace, pivot, strut, and rise.

P.S. If the pivot doesn’t work, pivot again. And again. Nothing wrong with a little jig, just turn up your favorite tunes. ;-0)

***This writing was originally published for the Empowered Women Circle newsletter. I published the work here as it fits into the evolution and creation of this site, and my most recent journey "on the way to the loo" & writing life.***