• Elizabeth Bartasius

Don't Change the World, Change the Toilet Paper

Ever feel overwhelmed of having to change the world or play a bigger game? ***

I have spent the the better part of the last ten years in a conversation about how I can be a contribution to the enter planet. Talk about pressure! Mostly, in that thinking, I found myself pooped, anxiety-ridden, and depressed.

Passion bullies, as Elizabeth Gilbert calls them, taut a bunch of hype about big hairy audacious goals like World Peace by 2020, or Every One Eats by 2025. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But most of us are focused on how to take our professional life to the next level or what ingredients are needed for Thursdays potluck dinner party or how to fit ten minutes of meditation in between work and carting kids around.

So, let’s take the spiritual snobbery out of life this year, shall we? And recognize, as a wise soul recently told me, that simply changing the toilet paper can produce the profound shifts needed to up our game.

I wonder what would happen, if we scrapped having to change the lives of 7-some billion people and focus on one person.

This year, what I want to take on is…

  • showing up for lunch when a friend says she needs support,

  • answering the emails of a once homeless man who has befriended me,

  • hugging my son and finding the sweet spot of motherhood,

  • acknowledging my lover for his continued partnership and friendship,

  • calling my mother and father,

  • teasing my brother so he knows he is loved by his mean, big sister,

  • writing letters to my 90-year-old granny,

  • and giving the one-legged beggar outside the café window half of my chicken salad sandwich.

How about you? What do you want to take on?

Here’s what others are doing that inspires the shit out of me:

You don’t have to change the world. Just your perspective, or one habit, or one roll of toilet paper.


P.S. Here are my favorite New Year’s questions for your consideration:

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***This writing was originally published for the Empowered Women Circle newsletter. I published the work here as it fits into the evolution and creation of this site, and my most recent journey "on the way to the loo" & writing life.***