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Personal Letters 

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“I love these! My morning coffee, the New York Times, and your Love Letters."

— Honnie, Maine

Every month-ish I will write you an 'old school style"  letter straight to your email inbox, just like the kind I used to send to my grandmother. I might write you a poem or a story, or I might share a hurt I've healed, an 'ah-ha' moment, or a gem to celebrate. Or simply the taste, sight, and smell of the island moment.


Grandmother never knew what she'd discover within the sheets of hand-written cursive; I hope you too will find delight in the electronic version of letters from the heart.  


My intention, as I share my own road of writing and loving life, is that you will be supported, entertained, and inspired as you dare in your own adventures. May you find these letters as touchstones along your path.  And, reminders that we are all navigating together. 

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You'll also get first dibs on books! Of course, I’ll share any need-to-know info on book launches, preorders, discounts, and readings. Occasionally, I might even ask you for your opinions on cover design and stories. Answer only if you want.

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Moving through life's hurricanes with as much grace as we can muster. We grow, dare, and love together with shared insight, wisdom and tools.

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