Why We Don't Write

As writers we know why we write, but sometimes we don’t write. Those times of nonscribbling can also be valuable. Some of many reasons we might not be writing that require compassion and patience: We are writing in our mind (Wasn’t it Stephen King who said about 3/4 of writing happens in our head?) We are cleaning mold off kitchen cabinets and otherwise getting our house in order (after a hurricane or life’s hurricanes) so we are clear again to write. We are working on free lance paid project for clients and in order to do our best work, we need to be focused for the period of the project. We are in the middle of a huge dramatic event and we need to stay present to the unfolding. Later, loo

'Hurricane' Recovery: A Calming Anxiety Technique

Hurricane recovery... ...Looks like: 1. Tall skinny branches with v-necks holding up fallen power lines. 2. Blue tarps on roofs. 3. Jagged tree trunks, broken in hand, roots sticking out of the ground. 4. Debris piles by the side of the road. 5. A fallen Home Depot sign that now reads: “THE OM DE ” ...Sounds like: 1. Generators humming across the valley. 2. Equipment trucks rumbling. 3. Helicopters passing overhead. 4. The Home Depot guy saying, “Sorry, this isn’t in stock. I don't know when we’ll get it in.” ...Feels like: 1. PTSD & butterflies in my belly. 2. Mosquitos biting. 3. Overgrown weeds itching my ankles. ...Smells like: 1. Clorox. 2. Mold. ...Tastes like: 1. A lukewarm Pres