In the Thick of It: Why We Write

Do you know why, when it happens, you are called to write? For fun, I took a personality test on FB. The wizards behind the test proudly told me: “You are a scientist! You are able to absorb extremely complex theoretical and practical knowledge. You tend to see the BIG picture, and you love difficult theoretical challenges. Are we spot-on?” Nope. Maybe I do all those things. But, I’m writer, not a scientist. For the last few weeks, after being sucker punched, I haven’t quite known how to be a writer. Seems pointless to write about the heart or the current tidying-up project when so many others are struggling. I should be chain-sawing tree debris, nailing on blue roofs, feeding homeless, knee

Bootless Thoughts After a Hurricane Devastates Your Island Community & You Evacuate to a Dry Saf

A few weeks ago, we bunkered down with friends bringing hurricane supplies of wine, beer, chocolate, ten gallons of water, and our three animals to wait out Irma. All my Hurricane Katrina PTSD came back, but I worked through it and Irma, by some amazing feat, missed our island, freeing us up to provide support for our sister islands so badly devastated. 14 days later, Maria got us. And Puerto Rico. And Dominica. And Turks and Caicos. I'm sure there is more to write. I'm sure there are stories in there somewhere. Mostly what comes out is: Writing is pointless. But there is so much material you could share. What’s the point? I should go back there ASAP to help rebuild. I shouldn’t go back, res