10 Happys I Want To Share With You This Week

When stuck-busy-overwhelmed-on deadline, or bumping up against a block, I’ve learned to let go of ‘meaningful, useful, and bravado.” Instead, I relax into what is so. In that vein, I went back to the basics today and began to look at the ‘flora and fauna’ (as Julia Cameron of The Artist Way writes) of my week. Minute details, odds-and-ends, and my favorite activity of making lists wove together to bring you today’s post. 10 Happys I Wanted to Share With You this Week: 1. Re-wild Yourself Dolphins. In the wild. Four feet away from me as I swam from Fredriksted Pier to Sprat Hall Beach. I also saw several sea turtles, stingrays, and hordes of colorful fish, sand dollars, and sea biscuits. But