Last Trimester: Update on New Book Release

Eyes glossy from researching publishers, fulfillment, distribution, ISBNs, and metadata, I didn't want to write this blog post. Really, I'd rather shut down the laptop, take a hot shower, and head to Galangal for Tom Kha. Yet, I'm itching to celebrate with you! The final proofing of Elegant Out is done (thank you, Annie Rose); it's ready for submission. All week, I've worked to refine the synopsis, write several book blurbs, enhance my bio, begin mapping out the book launch, and nail the book down into 25 words or less so I can finally answer your question: 'What's the book about?' A year ago, I would have said, "no way does any of that sound like fun." I was keen to print to PDF, send you a

Six Writing Agreements: The only work we artists need to do!

Twenty years and I’ve finally discovered only a very small part of a writer’s life is writing. What it takes to be a writer has become quite simple, at least for me, in the Six Agreements. They are as follows: Move: To turn on the faucet for ideas to flow. Nourish: To feed your creativity. Clear: To make space to create. Muse: To assimilate and integrate ideas. Create: This is the artist’s work. Love: The Whole Point! Agreement #1: MOVE Movement comes in all shapes and sizes. Movement of the physical, emotional, and mental Movement of stuff. Movement of others. Movement of money. Movement of time. Movement of energy. Move bowels, hips, an armoire, potted plants. In a story loop? Move thought

Joy Smells Like Piss on the Seine

Joy looks like... Connor, the dog, shredding a coconut. A hot pink bougainvillea tree wild and gorgeous, free of the landscapers clippers. Word count: 30,000+ words. I did it! The book is done. The Elegant Out has been birthed. Orion’s constellation, bright under a new moon. A shooting star caught from the corner of my eye. A seahorse floating on the sandy bottom. Six juvenile spotted eagle rays swimming in formation. Joy sounds like... Off shore breezes whirling through palm fronds. A tuxedo kitten meowing with pride; he just caught his first mouse. Yellow monarch flitting paper-thin wings. The Pop! of a blood-sucking mosquito when I swat it with the Jolt. The pestle grinding 1 tsp. of cori