Courage: An espresso excerpt from "I Am Me"

I am Me. More powerful than daisies and Argentina. More graceful than champagne and the Eiffel Tower. More love than sun, rain and Saturn. More capable than railways, iPhones, and NATO. More sturdy than the Statue of Liberty. So long as I let it be. So long as I am Me, All of Me. They cannot hurt Me, When I love Me, When I am Me! NOW AVAILABLE: Good Reads For Free! I Am Me is a sweet book of self-love prose I wrote several years ago to pull myself out of a depression & find the beauty within. Read on-the-go and in-between for a quick infusion of power. You can enjoy this book (free) when you subscribe to my "Loo" blog. Read "I Am Me" Now and Fall Madly In Love! SNEAK PEEK: "I Am Me" Table o

Strangers, Muck & Love Notes: Making of the book "I Am Me"

A few years ago, a man I barely knew, dressed in a jazz hat and Indian beads, looked me dead in the eye and said, “You are afraid.” “Your heart is in the right place,” he said, “but don’t take on any more speaking engagements until you deal with the fear.” I blinked at him. “You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” he asked. Over a dinner of Beef Wellington with a bold stranger, I could no longer deny the lingering, and underlying uneasiness that had existed as far back as I can remember. The fear felt impenetrable, impossible to move through, impossible to face. In the past I’d just smothered fear with personal growth workshops, fancy ‘transformed’ language, publicly-approved actions l

Turmeric & Other Barriers to Entry

Fresh turmeric steeps a healing tea. Their roots, like a mound of deformed caterpillars, don’t inspire beauty however. When I peel the skin, my fingers turn orange. Plus, peeling is an extra step, more work, and not so easy on irregular-shaped, ugly bugs. The minuses thwart my desire to grow/buy/grind my own turmeric. As a substitute, I simply toss a jar of the ground spice from the grocery shelf, add a teaspoon to hot water, stir, and sip. Not to mention, I enjoy many curry meals and apply the yellow anti-aging paste for a mud mask. My favorite swimming beach is a thirty-minute drive from my cozy bedroom. Thirty minutes of curvy, clunking roadway before I can relax into the salty-languid wa

Taking Sides: 25 Seconds for Today, Life, & the State of the World

As a writer my job is to see all sides. If I take sides in a story, I maybe be blinded to the layers of other characters. After all, all good and all bad characters are bo-o-o-o-o-ring. They are boring in real life too, if you haven’t noticed. So I must observe. Of course, as a human, I do take sides. I’ve done it many times in the past and will likely do it again. Today, in fact. I can only hope I continue to observe, bring awareness to my prejudices, and see the many layers that make up you and me.