Stuffed! ~ 3 Tricks-of-the-Trade for When You Are Too Full to Create

Sometimes, I’m just too full to write. Too overwhelmed by the to-do list, Or things left unattended. Sometimes I’ve overstuffed with meals or new experiences and stimuli. Like a car with too much oil, sometimes I have to burn off the excess to run more smoothly. Idea #1 This is where Julia Cameron’s morning pages come in handy. Essentially, by handwriting all that is in your head onto the page, you get to take a big fabulous dump. Then you are free to write. Idea #2 Sometimes, however, you just need to GSD (Get Shit Done!). Or clear away the clutter. Then, you can write. Today, I need to move, burn off the turkey, and catch up on chores: Clean house Respond to emails Call Sara-Martha-Gina-Ma

When the Zone is Not a Good Idea

A magical thing happens at moments in a writer’s life. You’ve likely felt it to in your art or your own individual expression. The Zone! That place where everything seems to click. You have a spring in your step. Ideas are rushing in through the gates: character names, plot points, bits of dialogue. All is perfect in the world. Gratitude fills you up. Happiness leeks from every pore in your body, like the smell of tequila during a good hangover. And every two seconds or so, you spread your arms open, widen your fingers as if light beams were going to shoot out of them, and sing, “Jazz hands, baby!” (Or, is it just me who flashes jazz hands?) In any event, the Zone is an exhilarating and exci

The Quest for a Valuable Life: Making Sense of Your Worth

“Work defines you. Then you have to define yourself.” - My friend, Jeff - on what he learned during retirement I'm standing here in a moment that I've imagined for years and years: truly free to choose what comes next. I want the next actions to be fulfilling, profound, forward-moving, not reruns of the past. To shake things up this year, to get some new ideas flowing... I stopped working. I stopped the Empowered Women Circle. I took a mini-retirement, even practiced saying the words “I’m retired” out loud, just to see what emotions, feelings, insights would arise. I traveled to Colorado and surprised my dad for this 68th birthday. I went DC, to the Cape, to Boston, to Munich, to France, to

The Clear - Making a blank canvas to write & live

‘The Clear’ is the gateway. To what? You ask. To write, to create, to anything. If my desk, life, head are not clear, Then I cannot seem to move, nourish, create or love in the way I commit. Clutter in my closet, refrigerator, filing cabinet, or the files in my mind, keep me from my goals: Completing a novel Writing a paragraph. Staying present with my husband on a date. Having time to connect and support friends. Drama, things left undone, and an overly scheduled calendar, leave me paralyzed, spinning wheels, and reacting, rather than consciously creating. Clearing is the most important thing I can do to keep my writing going. Sometimes it seems as my whole life is about clearing out just s