I Don't Wanna & Doing It Anyway

I don’t wanna write today. I’m feeling the need to clean, to purge. I feel compelled to use the “listen to your body” excuse to not write. I’m feeling too giddy and happy to sit still. I’m feeling mesmerized by the sounds of birds chirping. So many birds. Bananakeets, and what else? What are the birds found on this tropical island? They make beautiful songs. High pitched. Squawks. Melodic. Whistling. Abrupt screeches and crows. I hear them in all directions. I don’t wanna write. I wanna research tropical birds. I wanna know their names and who is keeping me up at night, singing me to sleep and lulling me out of work mode. I wanna clean out the storage shed, take a load to the dump, give pile

My Ideal Writing Space

If you could create your ideal writing space, what would it look like? Like boiling cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, fennel into a pot to combine flavors for a decadent chai, I want my office to simmer with ideas, story lines, colors, objects, explorations, and insights. Here’s how I arrange my writing place: The Space My ideal writing zone is a nook. Too small and I feel cramped. However, it must be small enough to feel cozy. And, more importantly, to contain the creative energy. Too big a space and the energy get dispersed. I can’t spend all my time running around the room, hopping from corner to corner, lassoing the creative flow back home; that’s too much work. And the overdose of air, wi

Starting is a Bitch: How I overcome the anxiety of beginning anything (Part 2)

Starting is the hardest part, of course. It’s ease to stay on the couch, in a thankless job or in a story of anger-hate-blame-fear…until you move. Then you know life’s worse back there, and it’s better in motion, stepping in time with the entire universe of energy. Still, I find the Starting point the most difficult. Which is why, when I’ve let go of my morning excercise routine, it takes me three months before I get back to it. Or why when I’ve finished a book or a writing piece, I linger in no-man’s land for weeks or months before starting a new novel-essay-work. The Start is a bitch. Leaving the orbit of where you are and taking a step anywhere, I have found, is one of the most difficult

Moving is Not Up for Grabs: How I get unstuck (Part 1)

Why Movement is Uber Important Lately, I have noticed how Moving is non-negotiable. Anatomically, we humans are built to move with feet, legs, knees and toes. As I look around me, I see movement; it’s the constant in an ever-changing landscape. We live in a Universe in motion. Nothing is stagnant. Not the ideas in my head. Not the blood in my veins. Not the molecules in my writing desk. Not the ground I laid down on this morning during my meditation. Face in the dirt, I watched minute little crawl-y things weave their way over specks of sand and tiny pebbles. All are in motion. When Things Get Sticky So when I feel stuck, I know the ONLY thing there is to do is to MOVE. Move my body with a 5

Sometimes I Need You, Sometimes I Don't - A Love Poem

Sometimes, I need you. Sometimes, I feel I can live without you; I have other people. Sometimes you are annoying as hell. Sometimes you are the best people I know. I think this is called being in a relationship. You are my teacher, Even when I don’t like you. Even when I don’t like the choices you make. I do like you. I love you. I grow from your choices. My life is richer for having you in it. I don’t want to live my life without you. I choose you. So, what do you need from me? How can I support us? How can I support you? How can I help you thrive? What can I do that would have you know I love you?