A Come-to-Jesus Moment: My shocking insights into health & wisdom (duh!)

***Warning: This is a more personal post as I’m heading into surgery next week and wanting a little extra tenderness from others and also myself. When I come out, it will be time to do things differently than I’ve done them the last 20 years. Please send love and Jedi powers.*** Bear with me now as I try to flesh out all that is happening here and how you and I can glean some beautiful insight to make our lives a vivacious dance! The body is an important vehicle in life. It not only takes you to the grocery store to buy food, shuttles you to dates and celebrations, but also must sit patiently (and hopefully quietly) in a chair, strong in its health, as a writer types away the ideas that com

Tea: My top guest picks for talk over a morning cup

Recently, one favorite reader asked me, “If you could sit and have tea with any 3 people, living or dead, famous or ordinary, who would they be and what would you chat about?” It’s hard to narrow the list down, as people are so interesting, but here’s a short lineup: Great Grandmother Kabler: What was it like for her to leave her two children during the depression, so she could work to feed them? Cat Stevens. Though, I probably wouldn’t talk to him; I’d just stare into his soulful, open eyes. Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s the “it” girl with a lot of wonderful insights for a creative. Maybe I would ask her about how she feels to be divorcing from her Brazilian lover* and what the heck happened th

Rising: On living with fear, boredom & waiting

I’ve spent so much of life worrying that I didn’t take enough actions, or that I was slow to act. Even now, I sometimes worry that I should be doing things better, more often, and with the ‘right’ people. Sometimes these worries make me afraid. So afraid that often I stall, stop, run away, or simply take too long to act. I justify these maneuvers, of course, with legitimate excuses, plausible reasoning, and sophisticated arguments. But in all, I can see that, as an astute friend once observed, I spend a lot of time in consideration. I also married a man who spends a lot of time, even more so than me, in consideration. Whatever our reasons or possible fears, we take our sweet-ass time. So thi