Why I'm "On Break" with Facebook: A creative writer dips her pinky into politics.

To Republicans and Donald Drumpf supporters: A recent Facebook post from a friend stated: “I love you but your pro-Hillary posts are making me crazy.” I wanted to write back: “I love you, but your pro-Trump comments are making me crazy.” But I stopped myself just in time because, to me, that kind of dialogue doesn’t get us anywhere; it just perpetuates the you vs. me mentality. However, what did strike me as useful was a recent post, in the light of all the political back-and-forths, asking us to consider not who, but what are we for? So, I wonder, as human beings... ...what are we for? And I wonder what I am for, exactly. I come from a long line of Democrats, hell-bent on “progressive” idea

I Didn't Write Today & I Liked It

I write in the mornings. At least that is what I tell myself. And writing is indeed what I plan to do each morning. But this morning, American Express sent me an email notification of credit card fraud. Kate called needing support. Then, Letticia called to dialogue a dilemma. So I didn’t write. I didn’t honor my commitment. I felt anxious. Worried I was out of integrity. That I wouldn’t write later. That I wasn’t going to amount to anything if I couldn’t keep such a simple agreement. The sidetrack was a gift, however. I got to talk to friends I connected to loved ones. I contributed to their lives. In turn, they contributed to mine. Because of all this I got to live. I didn't write today so