Skinny Branches: Why I Dangle on the Edge

So, what’s up with the branch? First let me tell you what it is not: 1. A dead limb from the harsh of winter 2. A stick for wife-beating, kid-beating, or any other kind of beating. 3. A plank, as in walking the plank to your death 4. A spatula 5. A really skinny sidewalk The logo was originally used for a radio show I co-created called “Life on the Skinny Branches.” I found this logo image the other day cleaning out some digital files on my hard drive, and I was not only reminded of the fun my co-host and I had putting on the show, but also the vision behind the branch. Though my former partner and I no longer do the show, or use the term ‘skinny branches’ in daily chatter, we both in our ow