When to Pivot: Embrace, Strut, and Rise

PAIN *** Have you ever begun something (a project, a book, a business, a work of art, a recipe)? Then, somewhere in the middle, you find the project, idea, test run, isn’t what you expected? You feel like you “should” continue because you said you would, because others expect you to. But, the possibilities don’t flow as you suspected. The timing is not right. To do the project well, you must invest more than you planned. Or, maybe Something is just off. You want to change direction, but, you linger, wondering… • Am I just scared, deciding from fear? • Should I just “buckle down” and “handle it?” • What will others think? After you’ve inquired over and over, gotten rid of the “shoulds,” flesh

Happiness Triggers for a Hard Day

This past month was hard.*** Harder than I’d hoped. I went through a small bout of anxiety, which inevitably leads to a depression. The good news these days is that I no longer get “triggered” by the down mood. I see it for what it is, and I have the tools-tricks-wherewithall to manage the feelings and dig myself out, back into happiness. On one of the hardest days, I read this beautiful post by Annie Rose Stathes, the author of the blog: Living a Liminal Life: Adventures in the Unknown. She explores the concept of happiness triggers and so I set about listing mine. They include: Cooking yummy food for my loves Massages Playing in the ocean Walking the meditation labyrinth I built & li