Fuck That: A Therapuetic Mantra

When I was going through a rough patch a year or so ago, my therapist helped me create a brilliant, enlightened life motto: Fuck It! *** ‘Fuck It’ can mean so many things: it can mean you are giving up; it can mean you are angry. Fuck It can also be hugely profound, as I’m sure you have experienced before. For me, 'Fuck It' became an empowering context to let go of worry and live more joy. Fuck It to the ‘Shoulds’ Fuck it to the ‘Could’s’ Fuck the ‘Would haves’ Fuck the ‘Need Tos’ And, fuck, fuck fuckity fuck the ‘What Ifs’ Our Empowered Women Circle features a woman who is my hero in the Fuck-It-Take Action-Have Fun realm. Check it out when you have time. Plus, take two minutes to watch my